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Google подключился к сети MSK-IX на MMTC-9 !

Приводим текст письма:

Dear MSK-IX members,

I am pleased to inform you that Google (AS15169) completed its installation in Moscow and is now peering at MSK-IX. Please read on for important details about our peering.

Google operates a restricted peering policy, for public peers we are looking for significant traffic volume, for private we expect volume and in addition peers should meet us in more than one location.

To improve our connectivity to you we are however peering with the MSK-IX route servers (AS8631). This is our preferred method of exchanging traffic unless you have more than approx 50Mb coming in from us. Please check that you are preferring our prefixes and that you are correctly classifying AS15169 as as local routes.

We are currently aware of issues in path selection for our outbound traffic, since AS8631 is included in the as-path this can result in equal or shorter length as-paths being announced to us by peers
elsewhere. We are told by MSK-IX that they are in the process of upgrading the route servers and when this is complete it will then be transparent which is very good news. However if you are peering with the route servers at MSK-IX but not seeing our traffic on your MSK-IX port you may want to consider this issue and we know that some peers have successfully used as-path prepending to manipulate which way traffic enters their network.

As mentioned above, if you wish to peer we would prefer to do so via the route server unless you have significant inbound traffic from us, in which case please feel free to drop me an email giving a little bit of detail about yourself and your estimated traffic volume and we can consider the request.

Finally, I wish you all well and hope to meet you at one of the upcoming MSK-IX hosted meetings!

С Уважением, Стив.


Global Infrastructure
Google Inc.

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